Hearing  loss is one of the  major problems caused by many of the people in the world. In elder times there had no solution  for the hearing loss and the people  who had such case suffered a lot.  But by the invention of  hearing aid It solves most of the people’s defect by helping them to hear the sounds and also helps the  people to  able to speak by using various speech therapy techniques. Now  the development in the hearing aid making is going very fastley.  Now artificial intelligence with integrated sensors type hearing  aids are available for the customized use of people. hearing Aid Clinic in Sheffield is doing all types of ear related treatments with experts and care.  We are believing that better hearing leads to  better life.  We are the first to introduce artificial intelligence  hearing aids for the people for  the best results. We are the best tinnitus treatments in Sheffield . The hearing aid is a small electronic device which wear in or behind of  your ear. It is also to be noted  that the hearing aid are not a solution for all type of hearing problems. Some of them are note cured by the use of hearing  aid.  It will helps the people who have hearing  losing that results from the damage of small sensory cells in the inner ear, called hair cells.